Top 10 Startups in Brazil (

Por Ricardo Geromel

Here I present a list compiled by experts of the top 10 Startups in Brazil. Even if you are not tech savvy, these companies should be on your radar since they promise extremely rapid growth.

Julio Vasconcellos, Founder of Peixe Urbano, wich employs 750 people and raised $8 million (image by

Julio Vasconcellos, Founder of Peixe Urbano, wich employs 750 people and raised $8 million (image by

The list is attention-grabbing, to say the least. There are companies that cause little surprise, such as Peixe Urbano and BuscaPé, and others that are not yet so famous, like Shoes4You. Most of the startups are in the area of electronic commerce, one of the most promising segments in Brazil. (See: Even Without Amazon, Brazil’s E-Commerce Is Booming: Record-Breaking Figures In 2011).

Check out the full list below:

  1. Peixe Urbano (collective shopping site)
  2. LikeStore (enabling purchases via Facebook)
  3. SambaTech (online video)
  4. BuscaPe (price comparison and owner of a chain of ecommerce websites)
  5. Baby (children’s items ecommerce)
  6. OQVestir (ecommerce- women’s clothing)
  7. Clickon (collective shopping site)
  8. Shoes4You (shoes rental)
  9. ViajeNet (tool for booking travels online)
  10. Vostu (games on social networks)*

This ranking was organized by American Business insider, one of the best 25 Best Financial Blogs in 2011 according to Time. Digital entrepreneurship is flourishing in Brazil. This year, besides the list of 100 most valuable startups in the world, American Business Insider site has also provided this ranking of the 10 hottest startups in Brazil.

Even though I agree that all these 10 startups are very promising and some already quite successful, I still have to pinpoint that the criteria used to classify them is blurry. Valuing companies is, above all, a subjective exercise. In theory, any company’s value is directly related to its future cash flows. On the top of that, private companies disclosure less often and more outdated financial information than public companies. However, no one can precisely predict the future (if a startup comes up with a way to do so, it will head all the rankings, even above the all mighty Facebook).  Therefore, unless the next Jobs come up with crystal balls that work, evaluating companies will always be controversial since it is highly dependent on information and forecasts.

Further argument about the problems related to evaluation of companies: although PeixeUrbano was the number one in the The 10 Hot Brazilian Startups You Need To Watch, it is not included in the list of the 100 most valuable startups worldwide. On the other hand, Vostu, which ranks 10th in the Brazilian ranking, appears as 52th in the global list.

Guess which startup ranks as the most valuable worldwide (hint: it starts with the F word). The second place goes to the company that inspired Vostu, social game developer Zynga. Other highlights of the list are Groupon, Twitter, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Vente-Privee, LivingSocial, Craigslist, and Palantir Technologies. Instagram, a photo sharing application for the Iphone, which was founded by a Brazilian called Mike Krieger, appears as 95th.

Fonte: Forbes, Investing, 20/10/2011